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Top 5 Corporate Etiquette for Working Professionals

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Corporate Etiquette is set of rules and behavior that one should follow in his professional life.

In a simple way Etiquette are framed to make social and professional interaction easy, comfortable and respectful. Since from school we are taught how to act and behave in school, how to talk, respect elders, how maintain the decorum of different place and situations.

Our behavior and manners are the foundation of our success and well-being on social and professional front. Corporate Etiquette refers to the set of rules one should follow at work place.

Corporate Etiquette can make or break your career as said – at work place 1st impression is the last impression. So, here at Write Views, we are sharing the Top 5 Corporate Etiquette for Working Professionals that will help you to make good impression at your workplace.

Be Punctual

Better three hours too soon than a minute too late – William Shakespeare

Time is a commodity. Being on time shows a person is self-disciplined and respects the value of others’ time as well. Arriving on time can help you handle stress/pressure by avoiding last minute hustle at work. It also help you to learn and take better decision.

Dress Appropriately

Dress Appropriately

Dress how you need to be dressed. The way in which we dress-up says a lot about our personality. Dressing up neat and clean reflects a well organized and disciplined nature of a person. Your corporate attire should be reflect professionalism and modesty. Keep your look professional from head to toe and don’t overdo it. Just keep it simple, basic and formal. The more simpler it is, the better it will be.

Be Polite & Respectful

Be Polite & Respectful

Being polite and respectful to other ease up a lot of situations and makes it pleasant to work around. At corporate level no matter how good you are at work but the ability to act well with others is the most important element of making strong professional bond and relationship with the co- workers. It helps to improve the overall work environment and productivity.

Communicate Properly

Communicate Properly

It is not what you say but how you say is what actually makes the difference. At corporate level both verbal and non verbal communication is important. Eye contact are important either it’s one-to-one conversation or a meeting. Avoid negative comments and expressions, learn to listen and respect others view point as well. Be precised, clear and simple to express and communicate.

Show Gratitude

Show Gratitude

If someone helps us or does something for us, be thankful. Similarly, if we ask someone to do something then don’t forget to say “Please”. Both “Thanks” & “Please” are simple to use and creates a positive impact on everyone around us.

So, with this we have reached to the end of this article on “Corporate Etiquette”. We hope you will adopt these practices at your workplace, share this article with others and leave comments/suggestions for us in comment section.

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