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Crime exists in almost every country these days and ultimately no place is totally safe in this world. But there are some countries that are famous for ongoing civil wars, terrorism acts, human brutality and ethnic cleansing. So today we will learn about some of these countries in brief. Read this article on Write Views to know about the Top 5 Most Dangerous Countries in the World. Give it a quick read.



Afghanistan is the most dangerous country in the world as per Global Peace Index (GPI). It’s been 6 years since Afghanistan has held the top spot in the list of “Top 5 Most Dangerous Countries in the World“. The major reason behind this is their continuous state of conflict, tumultuous history, high levels of violence and political instability.

Afghanistan is the home and safe heaven to world’s most brutal terror outfits and insurgent groups like Taliban, ISIS and Al Qaeda. Terror attacks and conflicts are very common at public places, religious sites and airports. This makes Afghanistan as most unstable and unsafe country in the world as of now.



Yemen is the second most dangerous and unsafe country in the world after Afghanistan. It is located in Arabian Peninsula and has been embroiled in a civil war for the last almost 10 years. Yemen is facing widespread violence, displacement and humanitarian crisis since 2015. It is also among the world’s least developed nations. People in Yemen lack access to basic services like food, water, healthcare, roads etc.

In recent years, Yemen has seen a rapid increase in criminal activities like murders, kidnappings and armed robberies. As you can see Yemen is nowhere safe for a tourist visit. So don’t add it in you bucket list of places to go around the world.



Syria comes third in the list of most dangerous countries in the world as per our analysis. Since 2011 Civil war outbreak, Syria has become epicenter of terrorism, violence and instability. Because of this around 90% of Syrians are still living below poverty line. This war-torn country is also among the world’s most dangerous countries for journalists.

Over 300,000 people have lost lives and around 10 million were forced to displace so far in this war-hit nation. Syria is also home to the world’s most brutal and heinous terror group ISIS. In the name of forcefully imposing Islamic Law i.e. Sharia, ISIS terrorists have taken lives of countless innocent civilians.

South Sudan

South Sudan

South Sudan is next in the list of world’s most dangerous countries. This African country is also among the poorest nations in the world. This is majorly due to ongoing armed conflict, political instability and humanitarian crises that it is facing since independence. Over a decade old civil war has resulted in displacement of millions of people and has claimed thousands of lives so far.

People of South Sudan have witnessed brutal atrocities like rape, murder and use of children as soldiers in the armed conflicts. The major reason behind it’s instability and humanitarian crisis is the presence of abundant natural resources. South Sudan is rich in oil, gold, diamonds and fertile land.

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Democratic Republic of the Congo

DRC or Democratic Republic of the Congo is the 5th country in the list of world’s deadliest to visit countries. This is due to the presence of 200+ armed militias groups. Many of these groups are involved in ongoing conflicts for multiple decades. These groups are also engaged in brutal acts like rapes and murders. Other criminal acts like robbery, carjackings, burglaries and muggings are very common in South Sudan. A lot of civilians have lost lives in the crossfires of conflicts between these armed militias groups.

Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions has also made South Sudan the most unsafe country to live in. Keeping high rate of criminal activities, armed conflicts, political unrest, poor infrastructure, almost zero tourist safety, poverty and natural disasters in mind, we think DRC is extremely dangerous country.

So these were the Top 5 Most Dangerous Countries in the World as per our analysis. We also have countries like Pakistan, Somalia and Sudan that are hubs of terrorism and armed conflicts. But these countries are a bit less dangerous than those mentioned in the above article. If you think we missed any country that deserved to be in the Top 5 spots, do let us know about it in the comments section below.

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