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Top 5 Must Play Indoor Games with Family

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Staying at home 24×7 is not an easy thing for a person who like to have fun with friends and handout with them on every weekends. Wan a quick solution to this problem? What about the indoor games?

In this situation of Corona Virus (Covid-19) almost every around the world is under house arrest or in simple terms we can say home quarantine which is the best possible protection against the Covid-19 in current times. Most of us might be feeling boredom and looking for some ways to pass this hard time while staying inside home.

So, at Write Views we are going to help you with that. Let’s have some fun with family this time and get back to those old non-social media and non-smartphone days. Here is a list of Top 5 Must Play Indoor Games with Family during the home quarantine period and even after that.

Card Games

Card Games

Card games are one of the most popular and widely played indoor games across the globe. From children to youngsters and elders, everyone like the different kind of games that we can play using the Trump cards. Although these games are available online as well but the best way to get the most fun out of them will be by playing these card games with your family.

The most popular and easy to play card games that you can consider playing with your family are Rummy, Cheat and Poker. Well, if you don’t know how to play any of these card games then consider the next indoor game in the list.



Ludo looks to be a kind of kids’ game but it is not. Millions and billions of people are playing Ludo games online everyday. If you can play it alone with random stranger then you can try it with your family as well. It will surely going to amaze you when you see the reaction of your family members while you all play it. Ludo is a game that can give you a real piece of fun and excitement. Go give it a try.



Carrom has its origin in India and is the 3rd popular indoor game that you can try playing with your family. Like most board games it can be played by limited number of players i.e. four. Carrom is similar to Snooker in terms of the objective of the game. This game increases team spirit and enhances focus. So, it is strongly recommended to play carrom with your family members during this home quarantine period.

Table Tennis (TT)

Table Tennis (TT)

Table Tennis or TT is the next game in the list. If you have a TT board and a set of TT pads ready with you then it is the best time to hit the ball hard on the board. TT is very interesting and fun indoor game that can be played by either 2 or 4 players at a time. The major bonus of playing this amazing game during this period will be that it will keep you physically fit.

Table Tennis requires a lot of muscle activity during the play and it will surely going to burn a lot of fats for you that you gained during this lock down period. Want to burn more fat? Check out our blog on Top 5 Natural Fat Burning Home Remedies.

Billiards or Snookers


Billiards or Snookers is the last but not the least popular indoor game in this list. You must have played it in shopping mall or gaming station but if you have it in your home then you should play it with your family as well. Billiards just like Carrom helps in enhancing the player’s coordination and promotes self-confidence. The confidence is the most important thing that you need during this fight against Corona Virus. So, play Snooker with your family and give a boost to the confidence level to each one of you.

We hope you like this list list of indoor games and will surely going to play few of these with your family members. If you want to learn about what other things you can try during this home quarantine period, check this post on Top 5 Productive Activities To Do in Free Time.

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