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Top 5 Productive Activities To Do in Free Time

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Going though quarantine, self isolation or sitting idle at home? Thinking of how to utilize your time in productive activities during this period? Well if yes, then at Write Views we have a solution for you.

We always complain about shortage of time to spend with family or for doing what we always want to do. Consider current time as a gift and make the best out of it. Here are some productive activities that you can do to utilize your free time.

Do Exercise


Since you are at home all time and hardly errand, it is important to keep yourself proactive and do a little exercise everyday. Exercising is one of the most productive activities that one can do in his free time. It will reduce stress and sense of loneliness & getting bored. Moreover it will keep you fit and probably get you in a better shape than ever.

Follow Hobbies

Follow Hobbies

Everyone has at least one hobby that he/she want to pursue in his/her free time. Due to our busy lifestyle, most of us hardly get time for hobbies like writing, cooking, painting, singing, dancing etc. Well this is the right time to follow your hobbies and do some creative work that you have not followed for a long time.

Decorate Home

Decorate Home

Who doesn’t like a beautiful home. Most of us hardly get time for decorating our home and therefore everything has to be done by our lovely moms. Well if you like decorating your home, it is the best time to put your mother on rest mode and take over the charge.

Open your creative mind and put some amazing home decoration ideas in action. You can take reference and help from the Google and YouTube videos if you want. Take out your weapons and give a beautiful and fresh look to your home.

Do Reading

Do Reading

A very few people has habit of reading books and novels. For those who love reading Novels and Books, it is the best time to fully utilize this habit to read a lot of stuff.

Open your home library of reading material and finish all those unfinished fantasy, fiction, thriller, comedy and romantic stories. And those who doesn’t like reading or don’t have this habit, try to give it a try and we are sure you will love it.

Clean & Rearrange Things

Clean & Rearrange Things

We are always on the go and wait for holidays/weekends to clean our closet, room, kitchen and garden. Now you have a plenty of time to clean, organize and re-arrange everything. So, just wake-up and get the job done.


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