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Top 5 Similarities Between Corona Virus & Contagion Movie

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Corona Virus has created an unrest at global level and almost everyone is currently under home quarantine due to this deadly virus outbreak. But there were some interesting facts that started circulating during the start of February 2020. One such interesting fact was the close similarities between Corona Virus and Contagion movie.

There are many things that show a perfect match between the initial to current situation of Corona Virus & Contagion Movie. In this post on Write Views, we will be briefly discussing about the Top 5 Similarities Between Corona Virus & Contagion Movie. We will see how the things match from Covid-19 origin to its prevention and cure with the viral spread in the movie.


Origin - China

Origin of Corona virus aka Covid-19 happens to be in Wuhan which is in China. In the 2011 movie Contagion, the origin of virus was Hong Kong which is also under Chinese administration. So, the origin country which is China becomes the very first similarity between the two.

Another thing related to the origin of two deadly viral infections is the bat. In the movie, the virus was transmitted from Bats to Humans via poultry products wiz. meat. In the similar way, Corona virus is known to have its origin from Bats and was transmitted to humans via meat.



Plot of the movie has accurately defined the initial and current situation of coronavirus infection. From its origin in China from Bats, to the common symptoms, panic situation, virus affecting respiratory system, sudden death of patient, spread via handshakes and respiratory droplets, home quarantine and lock-down, everything matches perfectly with the current situation.

World Disorder & Spread

World Disorder & Spread

World disorder and spread of the deadly virus as described in the Contagion movie accurately matches with the Corona virus spread and reaction across the globe. It started from one location and quickly spread across the globe. In the movie and reality, the United States happens to be the most affected nation. It was followed by Europe and other countries.

In the movie and reality, both the pandemics created a world unrest and disorder resulting in shutting down businesses, shops, and implementation of lockdown across nations. Everyone faced a home quarantine situation in the movie and in reality as well, we are facing the same. So, you must be looking for some ways to use this free time. If you want to enjoy it with your family and have some fun then consider reading our article on Top 5 Must Play Indoor Games with Family.

In case you are working from home during this quarantine period then you should check our post on Top 5 Tips To Make Work from Home Easy. If you are looking for some productive activities that you can try while staying at home during the lockdown period then consider reading this article on Top 5 Productive Activities To Do in Free Time.


Covid 19 Symptoms

Symptoms of Corona virus and the viral flu screen-played in the movie also matches up to the maximum extent. The Fever, Cold, Cough, Breathing Difficulty, Headache etc. were accurately defined in the movie. These symptoms are similar to the symptoms in Coronavirus patients.

Prevention & Cure

Prevention & Cure

Prevention and an attempt to find the cure also has many similarities between the Contagion movie and current Pandemic situation. The Doctors and heath workers used specialized masks and suits in both the cases. Even the general public is using sanitizer, wearing masks and staying at home maximum time in both the cases.

Currently, the global Pharma companies are putting all their efforts to find a cure for the deadly COVID-19. A similar plot was observed in the movie too. A scene also pointed out that India has found a medicine that is quite effective in treating the infected patients. Just like we recently heard about the Hydroxychloroquine drug that proved to be effective in controlling Coronavirus.

It was observed in both cases the people with stronger immune system are more immune as compared to others. This is true in case of current situation and was accurately highlighted in the movie as well. So, now you must be looking to make your immune system more strong. Please consider reading this post on Top 5 Foods That Can Boost Immunity for the solution.

We hope you liked this post on the similarities we have highlighted between Corona Virus & Contagion Movie. If you would like to watch the movie, follow this link and download the movie now.

Download Contagion Movie

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